You’ve done everything right. You’re ready to go when someone says the dreaded word: Tuition. It’s a hard pill to swallow when you haven’t thought that far into the future. You’ve heard your high school councilors babble on and on about scholarships and bursaries. “But there are so many to apply for”, you might whine. Yes, it’s true – there is a sea of scholarships out there.
But not to fear! There is help out there.
“But it’s so much time to waste applying for all of those.”
Nonsense! There are thousands and thousands of dollars in scholarships that go unclaimed every single year. Simply because people don’t apply for them. If you don’t apply, you can’t win. It’s a gamble on yourself and the only thing you have to lose is a little bit of your time. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record from sesame street but it’s true. I’m speaking from experience. I was one of those apathetic students: “Oh, it’s a waste of time I never win anything.” “I don’t have the time to write an essay.” “It’s to much work.” All excuses of a lazy, lazy girl. One day I took the time to see my school’s options. I ended up being surprised with a few different bursaries – free money. I had money for groceries, entertainment… even new pens. It was a little bit of freedom I hadn’t imagined and it was all because no one else applied!
Overwhelmed again? Not to fear! There is are lot of resources out there that can help!

~Scholarships Canada > this is an encredibley useful website! It narrows down what scholarships and bursaries you qualify for, helps you apply to them and gives you helpful tips on what to look for.

~Student Awards > another helpful website with a little bit of a broader spectrum.

~ Go to the University and talk to student services. They have so many first year student scholarships and bursaries that go unclaimed; all because students are too apathetic to really think about it. At most Universities you will fill out one form and they’ll do the rest of the work! It’s so easy – there’s no excuse for it.

~Check out what the government might be handing out! I know if you’re in an apprenticeship field there is the incentive grant just for finishing your full apprenticeship. It’s $2000! That’s a lot of money to a student.

~Broken record time again! Talk to students at the University! It’s quite common for current students to have discovered scholarships that no one else knows about. Insider knowledge in this case is a good thing.

When it doubt, Google it out! The internet has opened up a wealth of possibilities. There are companies that hand out money for leadership, outstanding moral fiber, frankly there’s so many scholarships out there that it seems like they’re handing them out just for being a breathing human being! Take the time to look, it’s worth your while. I mean free money? Yes, please!

*As a sub-note, I recently found out that the money given out by scholarships, grants, bursaries is only technically free. The Government of Canada actually charges taxes on them. They consider them to be part of “income”. Luckily, most students are so poor that we don’t get charged taxes – we make to little and our tuition can be written off against our taxes. So not to fret! It’s free-ish.



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