My sincerest apologies! It’s been a busy summer and Christmas season. I’ve actually been away for most of the months that I haven’t written. Writing on an iPhone is not the best thing to try – I do not suggest it.

I felt that with the new year refreshing so many old goals that I should start writing again! And just like that I’m back. I’ve had  little help, one of the people who’s inspired me to loose weight and eat healthily has invited me to a new group on Facebook that will help keep us all motivated to keep that pesky new year resolution. So I thought it would be good to continue chronicling my foray through food.

School wise I’m waiting on my acceptance. My application is currently in the appeals process. Guess what I’ll be writing about next! It’s a helpful and yet very stressful process.

I look forward to sharing a new cookbook with you on Wednesday! Until then.



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